MATE. Fit for workers.




Product Launch Campaign


Industrial Automation

Casa 500
During the Automatica Fair, the international trade fair for Automation and Mechatronics, the new Comau exoskeleton has been unveiled to highlight the human-centric approach of the brand.
A very important stage to communicate the launch of what is not just a product but a tool that symbolizes the commitment of Comau to the future.

A new product perfectly coherent with Comau’s interpretation
of Industry 4.0. An exoskeleton able to represent the brand’s vision for interconnected and human-friendly supports.

In Industry 4.0 everything changes: the machines, the software, the co-workers and, for sure, also the clothing worn by workers.
This new kind of wearable companion could become a tool that you can always count on and that you can never do without.

MATE is fit to work and to make you work better than ever. With an augmented range of movement and strength the user takes center stage.
A suggestive narrative that highlights the features of MATE by evoking inspiration through an iconic gesture of freedom.