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As we were appointed Agency of Record of Reale Group at the beginning of 2019, we built a brand strategy to be fully developed throughout 2019 and in 2020. With the aim of offering new sets of skills, capable of adapting quickly in the changing landscape of advertising and communication, we are working towards making the brand play a bigger role in the lives of the consumers, also by disrupting traditional advertising in the field of insurance companies. The new strategy will be fully disclosed in 2020, but it has already started to show a few signs of its vision in Reale Group’s brand campaign, the “130% Italiana” print campaigns and the radio commercials for Italiana Assicurazioni, and the TV commercial for Reale Mutua.
Tutto questo per me

Starring Gianluigi Buffon, the official testimonial of Reale Mutua, as supporting actor, this 2019 commercial marks the return of the mutual insurance Company to the screen and represents the first step towards the brand’s new communication strategy, shifting its focus to the present instead of the future.

To illustrate one fundamental pillar the Company can be proud of, the attention towards its Clients-Associates, we made a newly appointed client the main protagonist of the commercial and a global star that everyone recognizes and loves. A series of hyperbolical scenes culminates in a climax where the famous goalkeeper asks him to sign his autograph, revealing how the protagonist became a “number one” simply by insuring with Reale Mutua. He’ll soon get accustomed to be a number one, he says.

Cuts: 50”, 30”, 15”, 6”
Period: June 2019
Channels: Cable/Satellite/On demand TV channels, YouTube, Digital media

Reale Group The Print Campaign “Facciamo quadrato”
The Group’s core mission, to put its Clients-Associates at the center of its attention, took its visual and verbal form in the new brand campaign we developed in May 2019. “We make a square, close ranks, rally around you” is the concept of a print campaign that, recalling the Group’s logo, illustrates all of the different areas of action of the Group’s various companies, each represented by one of the concentric frames.
The print campaign
The print campaign